24 Responses to “Particle logo / text Reveal – Free adobe After effects Template”

  1. Aaron Badan says:

    np man, all good

  2. mohamed oumoumad says:

    lol yeah you’re right, thanks for letting me know !

  3. mohamed oumoumad says:

    oh you sure? because I checked free stuff playlist today and didn’t find this one, that’s why I added it.

  4. Aaron Badan says:

    Mohamed, you added this video twice in this ‘Free Stuff’ playlist, video 17 and 19, just an fyi. Keep up the good work

  5. BadSho7 says:

    hi, you can find free intro templates on my channel, hope you’ll check them out! ;)

  6. Optimus97100 says:


  7. iDouuccheee says:


  8. ReppinDK87 says:

    Yes I have experimented a little with reversed and stretched sounds, but it is sometimes hard to find an isolated sound bit without too much background disturbance. Soundsnap seems really good though, thanks.

  9. mohamed oumoumad says:

    sounds can be found anywhere mate, it’s just which one you use and for what ^^. for example, you can’t find a sound effect for “fast camera movement” but you can put a fireball sound instead :) . also it’s useful to use some sounds in reverse like the drum hit sound, anyway this website isn’t bad soundsnap . com

  10. ReppinDK87 says:

    Where do you find all the sound peaces you use in your videos?.. nice job btw. 

  11. Stefan Nanev says:

    Hi, I am just starting with AfterEffects, I have made my first project please check it out and let me know if you like it. thanks

  12. Griz Artwork says:

    your so talented …very amazing work !

  13. Marko01able says:


  14. r0bac says:

    You made these?

    What a legend!

  15. victordavid29 says:

    Hey friend, I had after effects cs4 and I worked but one day he said: ‘error reading properties’ and had to change to cs3 as I do because that template is very good, good greetings, take care and keep it up with the particles are good :D

  16. mohamed oumoumad says:

    I think google would save you time waiting for my reply mate, anyway. you can get trapcode from redgiantsoftware and optical flares from videocopilot.


  17. Menno Visser says:

    any idea where I can download them, or where did you download them?

  18. KNekroGamer says:

    Thanks for this awesome work,im use some of intros in my videos,of course im have your channel in my BOX thanks again

  19. mohamed oumoumad says:

    no mate ^^, the required plugins aren’t included with the project file, I only create AE templates, I don’t create plugins, sorry ^^

  20. Menno Visser says:

    Where can I download those required 2 plugins? Or is it in that link you have in the description?

  21. dinosoureshit says:

    man your so talented …amazing work !

  22. joantomar says:

    Very good and nice.

  23. Sardiii3212 says:

    Just awsome From Algeria ;)

  24. TheTheowwen says:

    а я из России))

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