Get Galaxy S II Beach & Windmill Live Wallpapers on your Android –

Download Link: The great folks at XDA have extracted two live wallpapers (Beach and Windmill) from the upcomingl Samsung Galaxy S II, and now you can install them on your Android smartphone. Simply download and install the APK files on your phone and set them like any other live wallpaper. Note: performance may vary depending on your phone, and some phones may not be able to run them at all. As you can see in the video, they work on the Google Nexus S by Samsung and I’ve always tried them on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G. Unfortunately, they don’t run correctly on the Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. Visit us: Follow us Subscribe to our channel: Like us: Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel.

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25 Responses to “Get Galaxy S II Beach & Windmill Live Wallpapers on your Android –”

  1. grantslife says:

    what did you do to get rid of the “weather info from accu weather . com” text at top right?

  2. TheWebheadx9 says:

    awesome, works on my nokia 3310i ^^

  3. fanaticnick says:

    it work in lg optimus me p350?

  4. oren760 says:

    i downloaded the first live wallpaper you showed on my samsung galaxy GIO. how do I make this work on my screen?

  5. bmagera91 says:

    Dones’t work on my Xperia Neo =/

  6. ProdriveMagicFLyer says:

    for some reason, it doesnt work..

  7. CanuckRSTi says:

    Cant install the windmill on my Galaxy S Captivate. Any idea why? Just says application not installed.

  8. SmartKeitai says:

    This is a video on how to get the Galaxy S II live wallpapers on OTHER Android phones……………..

  9. Birne74 says:

    that was the nexus s with android 4.0 i have an samsung galaxy s2 and you crasie you show us a incroect smartphone sry for my englisch germany…

  10. vinneme says:

    My weather doesn’t update, is it cause of my region? I am in Canada, it only changes for day time and night time…no snow, or clouds :/

  11. 0MariusNDi says:

    Nice but … It will Blend?

  12. MrCresando says:

    The beach part kinda lag a bit.

  13. prathameshvaidya says:

    the waves lag a bit on my i9000.. can u help?

  14. SmartKeitai says:

    Duh. It’s a video on how to get the live wallpapers FROM the GS2 on other devices….

  15. tree23000 says:

    That isn’t the galaxy s 2.

  16. TELEVISIBLE says:

    it even run on my se neo , it should run on galaxy s 1 too

  17. TELEVISIBLE says:

    google install apk android to find out how to install without market

  18. MrJoeDas says:

    Is there any way I can get this on an Iphone or Itouch?

  19. KellsieLovesJBieber says:

    I downloaded the wallpapers, on my Samsung Captivate. But I am sooooo confused how in the world do you allow your phone to download apps that aren’t on the market. It won’t let me use them. Help please? Thanks :)

  20. stakoman says:

    does it work on the first samsung galaxy s???? please answer 

  21. rgverh says:

    works on samsung wave?

  22. khrislee10 says:

    thanks alot work well on desire hd

  23. 16jroxanne16 says:

    substitute YOU with MYPRIZE and click enter

  24. SmartKeitai says:

    Update: we just filmed another video showing the live weather update feature for these wallpapers. They work perfectly. Link in the description.

  25. SmartKeitai says:

    @1337aty @thaddeusgalkowski The download link is in the description area of this video. Download the APK files, transfer them to your phone, then install them using a free file explorer from the Market.

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