Expandable Sticky Bar

Description:  This script uses CSS’s “positon:fixed” property plus a splash of JavaScript to create a sticky footer or header bar that expands when the mouse rolls over it. It’s useful for showing supplemental information of a site that should always be in within a mouse action away. The markup of the bar can either be inline HTML defined within the page it’s on, or entirely in a separate HTML file and fetched via Ajax. The sticky bar can either be positioned at the bottom of the window (as in the demo here), or top instead. Furthermore, the bar can either be activated when the mouse rolls over it, or manually via a click on a user defined button within the bar. Cool!

The bar will only be visible to browsers that support “position:fixed”, namely, all modern browsers (FF, Safari, Opera etc) and in IE, IE7+ in standards mode (with a valid doctype).


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